Top 10 Undergraduate Accounting Programs In Texas (2023)

Accounting in Texas

While many corporations have their headquarters in the major cities on the coasts of the country, Texas has been a growing presence in the economy of the country. In fact, many companies incorporate in Texas to take advantage of favorable living costs and a higher quality of life. Because of this, Texas is one of the fastest-growing states in the country. While many states languish in job creation, Texas has been able to buck that trend and create more jobs for its citizens.

Of course, wherever business goes, accountants follow. An accounting career is just as lucrative, if not more competitive, in Texas as it is in other states. Thanks to the generally lower cost of living, accountants in Texas are able to provide a very comfortable life for themselves. This is great news for anyone looking to become an accountant in Texas.

Texas has many great traditional schools that can help students get their accounting education. Some of the biggest names in education (and college sports) come from Texas, so going to school for accounting in Texas is a great starting place. Here’s a look at some of our picks for online accounting programs in Texas.

Note about Texas CPA Requirements:

If you’re planning on taking the Certified Public Accountant exam at the end of your education, it is important to note that the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy has certain requirements that every student must meet. In addition to the normal 150 semester hours required for the exam, students must also have 30 semester hours of upper-division accounting courses, 21 hours of approved upper-division business courses, and a three-hour course in ethics.

Additionally,15 hours of these classes must come from physical attendance in a class that meets regularly on the campus of your school. While you may be able to take the majority of your degree online, be advised that some of these classes will have to be attended in person on campus.

Top Undergraduate Accounting Degree Programs in Texas

Top 10 Undergraduate Accounting Programs In Texas (1)

Rankings were developed using data points from The National Center for Education StatisticsCollege Navigator(IPEDS). Each point was weighted equally to give an overall score based on affordability, student satisfaction, and program quality.

Data Points

  • Net Price
  • Retention Rate
  • Graduation Rate

Top 5 Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting Programs

1. University of Texas at Dallas

Top 10 Undergraduate Accounting Programs In Texas (2)

Our overwhelming winner in the best online accounting programs in Texas is the University of Texas at Dallas. An innovative school at the heart of North Texas, UT Dallas features a wealth of learning resources available for students from all academic pursuits—not just accounting. In fact, the school is currently on an amazing trajectory, hiring academically impressive faculty from a wide variety of backgrounds. UT Dallas is well on its way to becoming a tier-one school. UT Dallas’ bachelor’s degree accounting program is designed to help students become CPA-ready. Additionally, this program is AACSB accredited—a high level of accreditation. Classes are available on campus, online, during the daytime, and evening as well, making this program excellent for traditional and non-traditional students alike. The University of Texas at Dallas has thehighest retention rateandsecond-highest graduation rateof all accounting schools and programs on our list.

  • Graduation Rate: 66%
  • Retention Rate: 86%
  • Net Price: $8,978
  • U.S. News Ranking(s): #140 National Universities

2. University of the Incarnate Word

Top 10 Undergraduate Accounting Programs In Texas (3)

As one of the leading universities in Texas, this San Antonio-based school educates men and women in Judeo-Christian tradition and values. These core values are what make UIW a high-ranking faith-based university. UIW is the largest Catholic university in Texas and the fourth-largest private university in the state, reflecting the diversity of South Texas. In fact, more than 60 percent of students come from different racial or minority groups. UIW’s accounting program is designed to give students a high-level overview of how various elements in a business organization relate to one another and the external business environment. On top of that, this program has the distinct advantage of being ACBSP accredited.

  • Graduation Rate: 54%
  • Retention Rate:76%
  • Net Price: $21,451
  • US News Ranking(s): #39 Best Online Bachelor’s Programs, #63 Regional Universities (West)

3. University of Phoenix – Texas

Top 10 Undergraduate Accounting Programs In Texas (4)

Wait, isn’t the University of Phoenix in Arizona? Well, the truth is that the University of Phoenix is one of the most well-known online programs in the country. The University of Phoenix has campuses in Austin, El Paso, McAllen, San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston. Thanks to these campuses, University of Phoenix has the ability to meet the needs of students all across the country, not just in Texas. On top of small classroom sizes and the ability to attend class remotely, this school features integrated resources like Wiley’s CPA excel test-prep tools and Intuit QuickBooks.

  • Graduation Rate: 16%
  • Retention Rate: 36%
  • Net Price: $18,843
  • US News Ranking(s): Not Ranked

4. Northwood University-Texas

Top 10 Undergraduate Accounting Programs In Texas (5)

Northwood University’s primary mission is to develop the future leaders of a global, free-enterprise society. To that end, it works hard to instill principles of individual freedom and responsibilityand ethics and integrity into its students. This can be seen in the way the school has developed their accounting program. In fact, Northwood’s program is structured to combine Accounting and Management curriculums together to allow for students to receive an education that will enable them to become leaders in the marketplace.

  • Graduation Rate: 40%
  • Retention Rate: 22%
  • Net Price: $32,666
  • US News Ranking(s): #150 Best Online Accounting Program

5. National American University – Georgetown

Top 10 Undergraduate Accounting Programs In Texas (6)

NAU’s founding philosophy is that everyone should get the opportunity they deserve. As a prominent figure in education in the state of Texas, NAU is a university built around the needs of the students. Located just north of the Austin metro area, the Georgetown Campus is one of NAU’s newest campuses. Students here are able to attend programs on campus or online. NAU’s accounting program helps students understand the core concepts of finance, cost accounting, taxation, and auditing—the skills necessary to make an immediate impact.

  • Graduation Rate: N/A
  • Retention Rate: 46%
  • Net Price: $18,142
  • US News Ranking(s): not ranked

Top 5 Associate’s Degree in Accounting Programs

1. Trinity Valley Community College

Top 10 Undergraduate Accounting Programs In Texas (7)

This community-minded community college in Athens, Texas helps students prepare for life-long learning and careers. To achieve this goal, TVCC helps students develop the right job skills for a careeror the right academic backing for a college degree. TVCC’s accounting program offers courses in financial and managerial accounting, budget, control, tax accounting, auditing and more. Graduates of TVCC are often able to make an impact in their companies right away.

  • Graduation Rate: 21%
  • Retention Rate: 63%
  • Net Price: $7,304

2. San Jacinto Community College

Top 10 Undergraduate Accounting Programs In Texas (8)

Located in Pasadena, Texas “San Jac” as it’s called by students and faculty is ranked as one of the top 100 community colleges in the country. While many students come to San Jac for a wide variety of interests, San Jac is known for having an exceptional accounting and business program designed to help students get a job as quickly as possible. For this reason, their associate’s degree program is highly ranked in our associate’s degree in accounting rankings.

  • Graduation Rate: 19%
  • Retention Rate: 66%
  • Net Price: $7,677

3. Career Point College

Top 10 Undergraduate Accounting Programs In Texas (9)

Career Point College is extremely focused on its mission of providing career-specific diplomas and degrees to students in business, medical, nursing, cosmetology, and information technology. With campuses in San Antonio, Austin, and Texas, Career Point College has the ability to serve from all over the state. The student body population is relatively small, resulting in a favorable 20 to 1 student-to-teacher ratio. CPC offers an associate degree in accounting, as well as a diploma in accounting.Career Point College has the highest graduation rate of all the schools ranked on this list and the highest retention rate of all community colleges in our ranking.

  • Graduation Rate: 76%
  • Retention Rate: 69%
  • Net Price: $29,348

4. Tarrant County College

Top 10 Undergraduate Accounting Programs In Texas (10)

Tarrant County College recently celebrated its fifty-year anniversary. Since its founding in 1965, the college has been dedicated to providing quality and affordable education to students of the area. Thanks to its commitment to affordability, many students find that TCC is a fantastic starting place for their educations. TCC offers more than 60 different types of associate degrees. The business program encompasses obtaining a foundation in accounting, communication, economics, finance, and more. Tarrant County College District is the only school on our list to be ranked in BYU’s Accounting School Rankings, a nationally acclaimed accounting school ranking system (#346). This school offers the lowest net price for an associate’s in accounting.

  • Graduation Rate: 12%
  • Retention Rate: 59%
  • Net Price: $5,633

5. Lone Star College

Top 10 Undergraduate Accounting Programs In Texas (11)

The right path to a successful career often starts with a good education. At Lone Star College, students can find the beginning of their path. With affordable tuition for students, LSC helps students get an education without a mountain of debt. On top of that, the school focuses on helping students transfer credits into four-year programs. Accounting students earn an associate of applied science degree and can transition into a career in accounting or continue with their education.

  • Graduation Rate: 8%
  • Retention Rate: 65%
  • Net Price: 6,238

14 Accredited Accounting Degree Programs in Texas

Baylor University(United States – TX)
Hankamer School of Business
Texas A & M University(United States – TX)
Mays Business School
Texas A & M University-Corpus Christi(United States – TX)
College of Business
Texas Christian University(United States – TX)
Neeley School of Business
Texas State University(United States – TX)
McCoy College of Business
Texas Tech University(United States – TX)
Rawls College of Business Administration
University of Houston(United States – TX)
C.T. Bauer College of Business
University of Houston-Clear Lake(United States – TX)
School of Business
University of North Texas(United States – TX)
College of Business
The University of Texas at Arlington(United States – TX)
College of Business
The University of Texas at Austin(United States – TX)
Red McCombs School of Business
The University of Texas at Dallas(United States – TX)
Naveen Jindal School of Management
The University of Texas at El Paso(United States – TX)
College of Business Administration
The University of Texas at San Antonio(United States – TX)
College of Business


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