14 Popular React Native Apps Examples that Prove Its Power (2023)

14 Popular React Native Apps Examples that Prove Its Power (1)

38% of developers used React Native as their choice of cross-platform framework for mobile app development between 2019 to 2021. It is the second most popular framework for cross-mobile application development after Flutter. React Native development services are one of the most sought after services for mobile applications.

Apps built with React Native are efficient, native-looking, and interactive on both iOS and Android – all thanks to its code reusability. It is widely popular for building MVPs for one-screen mobile applications.

Today, more and more companies are switching to React Native application development. The best benefit of React Native is not one but many –

  • Code reusability, allowing faster development
  • Lower development cost, no need to hire developers separately
  • View changes immediately in the mobile application
  • Quickly update the app on both iOS and Android app stores
  • Achieve greater performance due to powerful components

Since its release in 2015, React Native technology has become one of the first frameworks that companies consider for mobile app development. It combines the elements of the React library by Facebook, enabling developers to write interactive apps with ease.

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React Native applications are finding their way in every industry, be it automobile, entertainment, or finance. In this article, you’ll learn about the 14 amazing react native examples that are leading their industry.

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14 Companies that use React Native for their Mobile Apps

The top React Native apps examples include startups as well as Fortune 500 companies. Let us understand how these companies are using the React Native framework in their mobile apps:-

  1. Discord
    • One of the most popular apps for voice and messaging, Discord became the sensation in 2020 amongst gamers. The biggest advantage of the app is that entire communities can use the app to interact with each other. React Native mobile app development enables the app to share 98% of its codebase between iOS and Android.
  1. Facebook
    • The developer of the React Native platform, Facebook, extensively uses the technology for Facebook ads. It was the first React Native app for Android built by the company. It allowed the development of time zones, date formats, currency conventions and provided the ability to handle data accurately. It also simplifies the implementation of UI surfaces with massive data. A custom software development company can build apps like Facebook and other social networks in no time.
  1. Bloomberg
    • The global news portal used to spend a lot of time updating the codebase for both iOS and Android separately, which cost them a ton of money. After rigorous testing, Bloomberg focused on building the app using React Native. Since then, the company has been updating the application simultaneously using the cross-platform development functionality.
  1. Instagram
    • Instagram is one of the biggest social networking sites for sharing photos, videos, and chatting with friends. In 2016, the company considered the move to React Native for mobile app development. It gradually implemented the technology and integrated React Native push notifications, which led to faster delivery of notifications to thousands of users at once.
  1. Tesla
    • It might be hard to believe, but Tesla’s mobile app is one of the best React Native apps examples. The application for its electric car and powerwall battery owners is written and rewritten using React Native. While the application can help to diagnose a vehicle, it also enables the drivers to control it with the help of a smartphone.
  1. Airbnb
    • Airbnb has a team of 60+ developers who work on its digital product with React Native. The framework makes cross-platform development possible for the applications. The company extensively reuses the codebase between both iOS and Android. React Native technology also simplifies the process of refactoring the application. Several interactive components are written using React Native.
  1. Walmart
    • One of the world’s biggest retailers is also one of the top examples of React Native apps. At first, they used Node.js in their technology stack, but the application was rewritten using React Native. Both the platforms share around 95% of the codebase, which also led to the reduction in development costs for the company.
  1. Pinterest
    • The world’s leading pinning website, Pinterest, uses React Native to focus highly on developer productivity. They use the framework to share the codebase between iOS and Android, enabling their team to work faster and deliver high-quality fixes. React Native also allows the company to handle massive amounts of traffic, ensuring scalability is always on point.
  1. Soundcloud
    • The company uses React Native development services for Soundcloud Pulse, a platform for musicians to manage their community. The team finds it easier to work with React Native. Since they didn’t want a huge gap between the iOS and Android applications, they used the framework to share the codebase and build a high-quality application for both platforms.
  1. Shopify
    • One of the leading companies that use React Native is Shopify. Their development team achieves two times better productivity than other frameworks. They expected to share 80% of the codebase between mobile applications but ended up with 95%. Since then, Shopify has been able to handle the mobile commerce needs of hundreds of customers worldwide.
  1. Wix
    • Wix is one of those apps built with React Native that became better with time. They started with React Native developers back in 2015, mostly because they required a scalable framework for mobile app development. The shift to work on React Native was natural for Wix as the company found multiple uses in building the application with the technology.
  1. Flipkart
    • India’s biggest and largest ecommerce player, Flipkart, is an example of how React Native can help in cross-platform app development. Most components of the mobile app are developed using React Native. It offers amazing scalability, with over 400 million visits every week. The app offers simplified navigation and delivers high performance.
  1. UberEats
    • It is one of the most robust apps using React Native. The company wanted to overcome the limited functionalities of the web view on mobile devices. The team then built the entire dashboard using React Native, which enhanced the user experience. It provides swift navigation to the users, and the company expects to adopt the framework for further feature implementation.
  1. Coinbase Pro
    • The largest cryptocurrency exchange decided to rewrite their app using React Native in 2019. It implemented a new sign up experience using the framework. The framework also reuses the business logic for the Android and iOS apps. The cross-platform app offers fast refresh and easy onboarding using the enhanced sign up process.

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Wrapping Up

React Native is a technology for the future of mobile app development. Building any cross-platform app becomes easier as the sharing of a single codebase reduces the effort to build the application. It helps in building a native application with components that are easily reusable. Therefore, React Native software development services are one of the best options for cross-platform mobile applications.

BoTree Technologies is a leading React Native app development company building high-quality React Native applications for companies in every industry.

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14 Popular React Native Apps Examples that Prove Its Power (2)

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14 Popular React Native Apps Examples that Prove Its Power? ›

Yes. Login Kit will work with web and React Native builds for Android and iOS apps.

What famous apps use React Native? ›

Famous React Native apps
  • Facebook.
  • Facebook Ads.
  • Walmart.
  • Bloomberg.
  • Instagram.
  • SoundCloud Pulse.
  • Townske.
  • Gyroscope.

Does Tiktok use React Native? ›

Yes. Login Kit will work with web and React Native builds for Android and iOS apps.

Is Pinterest built using React Native? ›

Pinterest and React Native

Pinterest has integrated React Native into their Android and iOS versions of the app. Technical evaluation process showed that shared code would be beneficial to developer velocity.

Is Spotify a native app? ›

Native apps are any applications written to work on a specific device platform. The two main mobile platform operating systems are iOS (Apple) and Android (Google). Good examples of native apps include Spotify and WhatsApp.

Is Netflix using React Native? ›

Netflix uses ModeJs with the assistance of React for image synthesis. In this article, we have also incorporated a React Netflix clone project with source code which is also available on Netflix clone react js Github.

Is Spotify React Native? ›

Events. This module uses react-native-events, so it has all of the same methods as an EventEmitter object. All of the events except for 'disconnect' / 'reconnect' (on Android) and 'login' / 'logout' come from Spotify's native SDK and are simply forwarded to javascript.

Is Zoom React Native? ›

Zoom Video SDK for React Native is a React Native wrapper around the Zoom Video SDKs for iOS and Android. It provides high level components, classes, and utilities to incorporate Zoom Video SDK features into your React Native iOS and Android apps.

Does Uber use React Native? ›

It's simple—develop your app with React Native. Facebook, Instagram, Discord, Uber Eats… these solutions come from completely different industries, but they have one thing in common: all these apps are super popular and were built using React Native.

Is Tesla app React Native? ›

We build our app in TypeScript, React Native, the Godot 3D Engine. We move quickly with an emphasis on data contracts via protocol buffers and aspire to continually delight our users with beautiful interactions.

Is Instagram using React Native? ›

Reliable. You can go ahead and mark React Native down as a tried and trusted framework. Not only does Facebook itself use the framework, but so does Instagram, AirBnB, and Uber Eats. There are many other React Native examples too and you'll learn more about the companies using React Native in a moment.

Is Microsoft using React Native? ›

Microsoft Web Template Studio (aka WebTS) is a Visual Studio Code Extension that accelerates the creation of a new Web or React Native application using a wizard-based experience.

Is Facebook still using React Native? ›

However, in late 2020, Facebook announced that it was no longer going to invest in React Native and that it would be winding down its involvement in the project. This decision came as a surprise to many in the tech industry, as React Native had become a popular choice for building cross-platform mobile apps.

Is Netflix a native app? ›

Thus, it is no wonder that some of the most well-known apps go for hybrid development as opposed to native or web apps. Examples of companies that decided on hybrid app vs native are Amazon, Evernote, and Netflix.

Which apps are native? ›

Native applications and platforms

However, in the context of mobile web apps, the term native app means any application written to work on a specific device platform. The two main mobile OS platforms are Apple's iOS and Google's Android. Developers write native apps in the code used for the device and its OS.

Is Facebook a native app or web app? ›

Facebook is an example of a hybrid app (more on this below). You can log into Facebook on your computer (web app) or download the app on your phone. Twitter and Evernote are also hybrid apps.

Why Airbnb moved away from React Native? ›

Mobile engineers didn't want to write RN code and web engineers didn't want to build on mobile. RN also requires understanding of the native platforms, and if the point is build both for iOS and Android, then you need to understand both platforms which is a rare skill set.

Is Twitter using React Native? ›

React Native for Web is currently used in production Web apps by companies including Meta, Twitter, and Flipkart. Software engineers from Meta, Expo, and elsewhere continue to contribute design and patches to the project.

Who owns React Native? ›

React Native is an open-source UI software framework created by Meta Platforms, Inc.

Can I make a social media app with React Native? ›

Using React Native it's super easy to make a cross platform app. Now with our components it's super easy to build a social media network app including timelines and newsfeeds in just a couple of steps. With React Native, you don't build a "mobile web app", an "HTML5 app", or a "hybrid app".

Does discord use React Native? ›

Discord has been using React Native for its iOS app since it was open sourced by Meta in 2015, allowing the company to build its iOS app from the core of its React app. The move to React Native on Android will also make Discord features and design more consistent across Android, iOS, and desktop.

Is Shopify built on React Native? ›

All new mobile apps at Shopify are React Native and we are actively migrating our flagship merchant admin app Shopify Mobile to React Native as well.

Which top companies use React Native? ›

Top Mobile Apps Built With React Native
  • Facebook. Facebook is a popular social networking app. ...
  • Instagram. Also a social networking app, Instagram is more popularly used for its photo and video sharing feature. ...
  • Airbnb. ...
  • Skype. ...
  • Uber Eats. ...
  • Walmart. ...
  • Microsoft. ...
  • Meta.
Feb 13, 2022

Which big companies are using React Native? ›

Find out more in the dedicated showcase for React Native Windows and macOS.
  • Microsoft Office. Android • iOS. Learn more.
  • Microsoft Outlook. Android • iOS. Learn more.
  • Microsoft Teams. Android • iOS. Learn more.
  • Xbox Game Pass. Android • iOS. Learn more.
  • Skype. Android • iOS. Learn more.

Which all companies use React Native? ›

15 Examples of Successful Companies Using React Native in 2023
  • Bloomberg.
  • Facebook.
  • Uber Eats.
  • Discord.
  • Instagram.
  • Skype.
  • Pinterest.
  • Salesforce.

Is Uber built on React Native? ›

It's simple—develop your app with React Native. Facebook, Instagram, Discord, Uber Eats… these solutions come from completely different industries, but they have one thing in common: all these apps are super popular and were built using React Native.

Is Walmart using React Native? ›

The most current iteration of the Walmart app for both Android and iOS was built using React Native. The usage of web tech has since been phased out, meaning it no longer qualifies as a hybrid anymore since the heavy lifting is accomplished through native code.

Does Walmart use React Native? ›

We are embracing Open-Source technology using Swift, Kotlin, React-Native, React. js to build a front end, mobile experience and cloud native backend services using Java.

Is Facebook app fully React Native? ›

Facebook's Departure from React Native: An Opportunity to Explore New Frameworks. Facebook, the social media giant, recently announced its decision to pull out of React Native, the open-source JavaScript framework that was developed and maintained by Facebook.


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